We are proud to offer several registration options to keep SharePointalooza affordable to anyone who wishes to attend.  Please choose from one of the following registration types:

Rock Star Treatment

Want to see how the other half live? Here’s your chance. We have a very limited number of “Rock Star” registrations (10 to be exact). Choose a rock star registration and get everything in the General Admission, and Basic admission packages plus get the same treatment as all the speakers including a special shirt, invitations to speaker parties, and access to speaker only areas during the event. Don’t miss this experience unique to SharePointalooza.

General Admission

Not ready for the Rock Star treatment? We also offer general admission which gives you everything in the Basic Admission package plus a gift card to help cover the cost of your meals.

Basic Admission

We get it, you’re not made of money. You don’t mind buying your own food and you’re fine rubbing elbows with the speakers during the all access social events.  With Basic Admission you get access to all sessions, concerts, and a cool t-shirt.

We also have a few “Hardship Packages” available for those who truly cannot afford the cost of basic admission. Please contact the event organizers at for more information.

Please keep in mind SharePointalooza is a not-for-profit event. In order to cover our costs we do need to charge a small registration fee. These fees go towards covering bands, shirts, giveaways, and various fees that are accrued organizing such an event.  In addition, any donations received go directly to funding the event and ensuring we can continue to bring you incredible events like SharePointalooza!

*Because SharePointalooza is a not-for-profit event, any refunds for canceled registrations must be requested at least 60 days before the event*

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