SharePointalooza is back!

We are back for our FIFTH conference! SharePointalooza is a premier 2 day SharePoint and Office 365 conference taking place on September 18th and 19th in Branson, MO. SharePointalooza offers technical workshops and sessions on everything SharePoint and Office 365 related including: Development, Administration, Branding, Search, Social, Architecture,  BI and End User. 

Whether you are a developer, administrator, executive, or just wondering what the heck SharePoint is, we’ve got something for you!

Of all the conferences I have attended during my time as a SharePoint Content Administrator, I find SharePointalooza the best conference!  The cost is very reasonable and there is so much SharePoint talent in those two days.  They are the same people who present at the high-dollar conferences and present a wide range of high-quality material over the two-day period.  I make it a point to ALWAYS go to SharePointalooza!” – Shirley, SharePoint Administrator


What makes SharePointalooza unique?

What sets SharePointalooza apart from other events is it’s unique combination of talent, price, and location. While most multi-day conferences charge up to $2000 for the same content and speakers, registration for SharePointalooza starts at just $50.

How can we charge only $50? Simple, we don’t make a dime. To put it bluntly, we try to lose as little money as possible. SharePointalooza is a non-profit event created to help bring world-class technology conferences to regions of the country that rarely have access to this type of information. The speakers are the experts in their fields including MVP’s, MCM’s, and Microsoft employees who freely give of their time to help make SharePointalooza a success!

We also have a great time doing it!

It’s going to be a great time and we hope you can make it out to Branson to see us!

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